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     Expected Publication Date

   Submission deadline  Publication dates
 Issue 1  by the end of Jan  end of March 
 Issue 2   by the end of April  end of June
 Issue 3  by the end of July  end of Sept
 Issue 4  by the middle of Oct  middle of Dec

General Information for Authors

Authors should indicate two or more reviewers from the list of Reviewing Editors. 

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Aims and scope                          
International Journal of Analytical Bio-Science, official journal of the Society of Analytical Bio-Science, publishes fully refereed papers of international authorship that contribute to existing knowledge in all fields of studies relating to the development of biotechnology with special emphasis on analytical methods used for evaluating biological specimens.

Submitted manuscripts should not previously have been published either in whole or in part, in any language, except in the form of an abstract for a scientific meeting.
In addition to full manuscripts (Research Articles), the journal features Review Articles, Brief Notes, and Reports. Prospective authors should consult recent issues of the journal to determine the appropriate category and style for their manuscript. The first author in Japan is required to be a membership of the Society of Analytical Bio-Science.

Animal and human research
Research involving humans must be carried out in accordance with ethical standards of the responsible committee (institutional or regional) or with the Helsinki Declaration. Studies involving animal experimentation must include a statement of compliance with the guidelines of the author's institution.

Review process
The following is the editorial workflow that every manuscript submitted to the journal undergoes during the course of the peer-review process. Authors should indicate two or more reviewers from the list of Reviewing Editors. 
The reviewers' comments will be sent to the first author by the Editor together with a decision regarding acceptability for publication. All accepted manuscripts will be published in accordance with the date of acceptance. Any revised manuscript will retain its original date of receipt only if it is resubmitted within two months of the date of the letter reporting the editorial decision. The entire editorial workflow is performed using the online Manuscript Tracking System.

Manuscript forms and styles
Manuscripts should be in English, double-spaced, typed (Times New Roman) on one side of a sheet of A4 paper with 2.5 cm margins on both sides. Start each of the following sections on a new page: title page, Summary, 1. Introduction, 2. Materials and Methods, 3. Results, 4. Discussion, Conflicts of interest, Acknowledgements, References, each Table, and Figure legends. Number pages in the center of the bottom beginning with the title page.
The journal publishes Research Articles and Review Articles which must be 10 printed pages or less and Brief Notes and Reports which must be 6 printed pages or less, in principle.

Title page
Indicate: category of the manuscript; title; each author's first name and last name; name and address of department (s) in which the research was conducted; 3 to 5 key words; and name and address of corresponding author. Telephone and facsimile numbers and the E-mail address of the corresponding author must be provided.

Description of text
The Standard International System (SI) units are preferred, and acceptable abbreviations of units are given in. All figures (including photographs) and tables should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numerals, and have descriptive captions.
References should be cited in the text using consecutive superior Arabic numerals. The full list should be collected and typed at the end of the paper in numerical order in the following manner:

  1. Standard Journal Article: List all authors when 10 or less; for more than 10, list first 3 and add "et al." Stone JA and Soldin SJ: Improved liquid chromatographic immunoassay of digoxin in serum. Clin Chem, 34: 2547-2551, 1989.
  2. Chapter in book: Edited by CA. Burtis and ER. Ashwood: FR. Elevitch: Computers in the Clinical Laboratory, Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry, 2nd ed. 528-546, WS Saunders Company, USA, (1994)
  3. A paper in Japanese: Asanuma K, Ariga T, Aida N, Miyasaka A, Nagai Y, Miyagawa T, Minowa M, Yoshida M, Tsuda M and Tatano T: A new method for simultaneous autoanalysis of plasma levels of lactic acid and pyruvic acid by means of the oxidase system [Jpn]. J Anal Bio-Sci (Seibutsu Shiryo Bunseki), 8:16-24, 1985.

Conflicts of interest
All authors must declare any conflicts of interest.

Page charges
The first proofs are sent to the corresponding author, the second read by the editor. Accepted manuscripts will not be returned to the authors. Research Articles and Review Articles up to 6 printed pages, as well as Brief Notes and Reports up to 4 printed pages, are
free of charge. The page charge for each additional page in excess of these limits is 10,000 JPY (per page). Each color page will charge 7,500 JPY.

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Indexing and abstracting
Int J Anal Bio-Sc is indexed in: Japana Centra Revuo Medicina, Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, and Chemical Abstracts, awaiting index in PubMed Central.

Impact Factor
Journal impact factor from the Web of Science is not calculated. We calculate another impact factor: Index Copernicus Value 2014 (ICV=7.05, equivalent to Impact factor), Global impact factor 2015 (GIF=0.786), and Universal Impact factor 2014 (0.128).